Thursday, March 2, 2017

How to Protect Your Money in WeChat Wallet

Although the WeChat Wallet function has brought to users great convenience, there're also risks. It somehow makes it easy for frauds to access to your WeChat account and take money from your 'Wallet', even the money you deposit in the bank!

To avoid risks, some important things you need to keep in mind when using WeChat Wallet (or Alipay and other online payment options).

Check strangers'identities

Be cautious when adding strangers to your contact list, as it increases the risk that your bank account can be hacked and wiped clean. Defrauders can also steal your name and profile picture, and then add your friends using a fake account. You will never find out, because you're blocked. So warn your friends if the fake "you" intend to borrow money from them.

Change your pin regularly

Change your pin as frequently as possible, especially if you are using your wallet account regularly. Avoid using birthdays, names, and other personal indicators.

Be cautious of WeChat buying

Want shoes? That person will even ship the goods to your door! There are both real vendors and frauds in WeChat groups. If vendors ask you for full transfer of payment before figuring out the express service, you should be alert!

Don't click suspicious links

If you transfer large amounts of money via WeChat, you might find an odd link from someone that doesn't have any personal information – don't click! The link may be a form of malware that is used to copy information when you input it and send what you have typed to an unknown third party.

Debit cards better than credit cards

As we all know, WeChat wallet is linked with your bank card. So for safety, adding a debit card with a little money in it is better than adding a credit card. If there are any emergencies, you will lose less money than using a credit card.

Don't use unknown public Wi-Fi

It's advisable to use your mobile data rather than an unknown open public Wi-Fi, as it can be easily hacked, and your information could be just as easily stolen.

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