Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Benefits of WeChat Pay

1. Transfer of account

Go to bank to transfer of account is one of the most painful things you need to do?

Sometimes it's not a large account to transfer, but you still need to go to bank. It's so annoying! But if you have Wechat, to transfer account you just need to use your finger!

Input how much do you wanna transfer, and then input the password. It's done! So easy and convenient!

2. Recharge your telephone number

And then you can input your telephone number and choose how much you want to recharge. That's a very easy way to recharge. You don't need to go to the Bussiness Hall of China Mobile or China Unicom anymore once you have the Wechat pay. You can do everything in your house.

3. Quick Pay

Have you ever try that you bought one Coca-Cola and then you found you have no change?

Wechat Pay solve the problem. Because we got Wechat Pay.

You show this QR code to the salesclerk, and that he scan the QR code. With the sound Di and you finish the payment. Like what I said, Wechat Pay solve the problem.

4. Lucky Money

Lucky Money is a quite interesting thing that Wechat invented. For example, on the day of Spring Festival, in Chinese tradition, we will give the lucky Money to people we love to wish them have a wonderful days.

But in WeChat, if we want the one who we love to be happy or just want to celebrate for something, we send the Lucky Money. Like what it called, it's some kind of lucky Money.

Input your passord it's done. Lucky Money brings too much joys to us. You should try it. And maybe sometimes send me one Lucky Money I will be really appreciate it.

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