Monday, February 6, 2017

How to Send Red Packet in Wechat

The hongbao is a traditional gift in China, which literally translates as red envelope. Such envelopes contain money and are gifted to friends and relatives on festive occasions. WeChat expands the idea of hongbao and not only allows you to send a red envelope to an individual, but to create envelopes and send them into a group- just like a lottery.

1) When you open your WeChat Wallet select 'Red Packet'.

2) Then you have a choice of random amount or identical amount, depending if you want the receiving side to each get the same share out of the packet or an amount depending on their luck.

3) After you've made your choice, enter the number of people you want to receive the envelope (quantity), the amount of money you want them to share. It's optional to enter a message with wishes and then click on 'Prepare Red Packet'.

4) Your envelope is ready to go! After you press send, you can select the group chat you want to send it to.

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