Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to Add Friends on WeChat

To begin adding friends in WeChat, start in the 「Contacts」 tab and press the icon at the top right. You can then add friends to WeChat via the following ways:

1) Search by your friend's WeChat ID or phone number.

2) Add from mobile contacts. You can see which friends are already using WeChat from your phone's mobile contacts then add them.

3) Add from social media networks, including Google and Linkedin.

4) Add via Friend Radar. Easily add friends who are in your immediate vicinity so that you don't have to waste time getting people's numbers.

5) Add by scanning QR Code. You can scan another user's QR code and add them instantly!

6) View People Nearby: You can find and add new WeChat friends by using the "People Nearby" feature in your 「Discover」 tab. This will enable you to add people who are close to your location.

7) Shake. You can discover and add new WeChat friends from anywhere in the world when they're shaking their phone the same time you are! This is also located in the 「Discover」tab.

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